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Editor`s Note (August 2018)

Welcome Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-I- Insaf (PTI) has appeared victorious and emerged as the single largest party in the General elections 2018 and now all is set for Imran Khan to take oath as 19th Prime Minister of Pakistan for next five years. Imran Khan’s victory is significant because he came up with a new and fresh slogan of change with a clear stand against corruption which attracted Pakistanis who elected him by providing him the opportunity to bring change as he promised. Monthly AL-Qanoon hails the victory of Imran Khan as new Prime Minister of Pakistan and genuinely hopes that he will be able to deliver and demonstrate his ability to make a new Pakistan and bring the change he pledged.

Pakistan is facing multiple challenges and it will not be easy for the new government to start delivering immediately particularly 100 days plan will be an uphill task to implement being unrealistic and exaggerated which was announced just before elections. PTI 100 days plan has raised many hopes among the people while on the other hand it would be a tool for criticism in the hands of opposition after the completion of first 100 days.

The most encouraging part of the new government could be their clear stance on foreign policy towards the neighboring countries particularly with Afghanistan and India.  The victory speech of Imran Khan was highly appreciated by all the quarters nationally and internationally and has been reciprocated similarly by both the countries. Pakistan can make progress prioritizing peace and security as the top most requirements and that could be ensured through bilateral and friendly relations with the neighbors and this could be the plus point of the new government policy which needs not only be appreciated but whole heartedly supported. Previously, the leaders never had courage to say it loud but Imran Khan has not only showed a great character but also strong leadership qualities in his victory speech and if he could carry on his agenda there is no doubt that his personality and charm around the world can be encashed as cross cheque for peace, security, stability and progress.

It is the need of time to strengthen the hands of newly elected government to face all the challenges and support Imran Khan’s theory of change and put it into reality to bear future fruit. At this juncture of time, Monthly Al-Qanoon suggests to forget the past and move ahead towards the bright future for generations to come. We have already wasted huge resources and time in digging past with no results, therefore the best is to forget past and to close the holes for future by introducing strict laws and functional institutions.

Al- Qanoon will always be supporting all the good initiatives of the new government towards change and will keep on identifying the mistakes for the consideration and of government the best interest of the country.

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