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Editor`s Note (October 2018)

Prime Minister announcement for Refugee children and Bengali Community.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced integration policy for stateless Bengalis community in Pakistan and provision of citizenship to Pakistani born Afghan children in Pakistan. This excellent move is being widely appreciated across the globe due to the humanitarian approach which one can expect from a prominent social worker like Imran Khan. This historic statement has not only renewed the hopes of marginalized people but also shown the beam of bright future ahead for the people suffering from identity crisis and tangled into the most protracted situation. Imran Khan has the capability to implement this decision being a strong and popular leader of the country enjoying the support of all the institutions and pubic of Pakistan.

Pakistan has been hosting millions of Afghan refugees in Pakistan since last 4 decades. A large number of refugees repatriated but a massive numbers of refugees are still living in Pakistan who are unable to repatriate due to many known reasons including poor law and order situation, missing basic health and education facilities in areas where from they belong. There are no livelihood opportunities and there are various issues ranging from acceptability to safety which are the main hurdle of repatriation despite their all wishes to go back home. The capital city of Afghanistan has no capacity to absorb this huge influx while other surrounding areas are not safe for movement and reintegration therefore the repatriation process is very low and slow. The Government of Pakistan realizes this fact and therefore adopted lenient policy so far and expectedly will continue this humanitarian support. The Prime Minister in his meeting with UN High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Filippo Grandi reiterated that Pakistan stands for the dignified repatriation of Afghan refugees despite internal issues and challenges but PM committed that Pakistan will respect international obligations. This is very positive deliberation of the present government and we all need to strengthen the hands of government for fulfilling this task. It is to be realized that the issue of Afghan Refugees is not a political issue but purely humanitarian and it needs to be settled with same approach.

It is also very encouraging that most of the political parties and civil society have appreciated the statement of Prime Minister and have offered support to the government to settle down this issue peacefully. There are some reservations in some quarters which could be removed by creating consensus through dialogue. Al-Qanoon considers if the government of Pakistan could fulfill its commitment, it will help in durable solution of long standing issue of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan and will always remain a great achievement to the present government in settling this most protracted issue pending on international agenda. International community always appreciates the generous hospitality of people and the government of Pakistan and their historic sacrifices for hosting refugees peacefully and for this generous act Pakistan will always stand tall at international level.

AL-Qanoon endorses the announcement of the PM and offers full support to the government of Pakistan for resolving this humanitarian issue.

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